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Goin’ Home

Title : Goin' Home
Release Date : May 14, 2013


We’re just simple people – maybe like the Bible says, a bit peculiar – but we just write about what we know: the Lord, family life, and country living – the good times and the bad – earthly struggles, as well as triumphant, spiritual victories. Our album, “Goin’ Home” brings to point the things that are ultimately important to us – things that God’s doing for us and through us and in us – standing for what we believe in, and staying true to what we know. Though we may have a bit of a different style, and move at a different pace, we know where we stand, and that’s in faith, by God’s grace. “Goin’ Home” is about how we get up early and we work hard – how we love and how we live… the road gets bumpy sometimes, but still we press on, knowing that God works ALL THINGS for our good –we know it’s gonna be alright. For many years hip hop has been mainly urban, even at times insulting to a rural audience. We’re not breaking the rules here, but we are expanding the game – cutting through the many misconceptions some may have about the South, rap, and even the Gospel. This album, in particular, will set the story straight. Living the Southern life with Heaven on our mind and in our hearts, this is about where we’re from, where we’re at, but most importantly it’s about where we’re going. Everyone has their roots – this song is about ours: the small-town South, Hip-Hop, and Jesus. That’s the truth.

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